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Jess at Sandstrom Dog Training

Hi. I’m Jess, the founder of Sandstrom Dog Training.

Dogs have been our companions and friends for thousands of years, but never before have they had to conform to the environmental and social constraints of humans in the way they do now.

``I believe, by helping my clients create a deep relationship which goes beyond the basic dog/owner dynamic, the benefits are not only for the team I’m working with, but greatly reduces the risk of dogs being surrendered to shelters, or abandoned due to behaviour which may be labelled as ‘antisocial’.``

I use science based, positive reinforcement techniques, allowing both person and dog the space to learn how to communicate with each other without the use of force, and allowing their relationship to flourish.

I credit my deepest learning about working with animals to the best teacher any person could have, my dog Snow. I was blessed to study under this sweet, wise and gentle soul for 6 years. She generously and selflessly showed me what possibilities lie in the age-old relationship between humans and dogs. While no longer with me, her wisdom shines with every client I have.

Formal qualifications:
- Diploma of Canine Behaviour Science and Technology (CASI)
- Statement of Attainment in Dog Training (TAFE)

Industry Memberships
- Pet Professional Guild Australia
- Association of Pet Dog Trainers
- Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals

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